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The Ventriloquist's Daughter

Lin Man-Chiu

Spring 2017

Winner 2017 Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation (Bronze and Sunflower)

Translated by Helen Wang

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The Story of Ink and Water

Illustrated by Liang Peilong

Spring 2017

Text by Li Qingye

Translated and adapted by Chun Zhang

Slide backgroundOPERA COSTUME

2016 Singapore Literature Prize

Yeng Pway Ngon(Revisiting the Long Pavilion Willows, Cantonese Opera)“Helpless before the heavens we part, what sorrow, what rage; the farewell heart clings to the drooping willow, goodbye tears splash the flowers..." Excerpt available in Words Without BordersTranslated by Jeremy Tiang
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The Tree Fort On Carnation Lane

Horace Ho

Translated by Darryl Sterk

Slide background2016 Financial Times Emerging Voices Awards LonglistCrystal Wedding

Winner English PEN Award

Xu XiaobinTranslated by Nicky HarmanXu Xiaobin on her life-long relationship with literature: featured in PEN Atlas Snow - a new short story by Xu Xiaobin, available free to read: Read Paper Republic Week 41 A searingly honest account of a woman living through traumatic times"An extraordinary and unusual story" —Book of the Week (BookBlast)
Slide backgroundMasked Dolls

Shih Chiung-Yu

"Past experiences shape who you are today. Memories cling like phantoms; vines that wrap around the body are vanquished only by death. Can humans exist without memories?""An interview with Shih Chiung-Yu" by Darryl Sterk —Words Without Borders "Brutal, intense, fascinating"—The Writes of Woman


The Ventriloquist's Daughter

By Lin Man-Chiu

Translated by Helen Wang (Winner 2017 Marsh Award)

The Ventriloquist’s Daughter – Between Fantasy and Reality, by Lin Man-chiu (Global Literature in Libraries Initiative blog)

The Story of Ink and Water

Illustrated by Liang Peilong

Text by Li Qingye, Translated and adapted by Chun Zhang

On the Story of Ink and Water – Chun Zhang (Global Literature in Libraries Initiative blog)

Riku and the Kingdom of White


Riku and the Kingdom of White is a coming-of-age story of a wide-eyed boy’s courage, brimming with hope of a bright and shining future. It is also the story of the lost innocence of an untold number of children who continue to live, day after day, undaunted, in Fukushima, after March 11, 2011, in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Translated from the Japanese by Raj Mahtani

With Foreword by Yuki Masami (Professor of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies, Kanazawa University)

Crystal Wedding

Winner of English Pen Award

2016 Financial Times Emerging Voices Fiction Awards Longlist (Special Report)


Yang Tianyi is a “leftover woman” and under pressure to find a husband. She is attractive and intelligent but knows little of the world, and finally makes a disastrous marriage to a man, Wang Lian. At the end of the 1980s, in Tiananmen Square, she meets her love Hua Zheng again. However, after the political turmoil, Hua Zheng is framed as one of the perpetrators of the disturbances, and is sentenced to prison. Set against the background of China’s turbulent 1980s and 1990s, Crystal Wedding is a novel of searing emotional honesty. (Published on 8 March 2016)

Amid a Sea of Red Flags: Xu Xiaobin on her life-long relationship with literature: featured in ENGLISH PEN ATLAS

Crystal Wedding Preface by the Author

Snow – a short story by Xu Xiaobin (Read Paper Republic Week 41)

Xu Xiaobin and Nicky Harman in Conversation (Wednesday 20th April, University of Leeds)

“This is a powerful and sensitively constructed novel about a literary woman’s search for a fulfilling love against the background of the Tian’anmen tragedy and its aftermath.” – Laifong Leung (Professor Emerita, University of Alberta)

A Platform With No Timetable

By Huang Chun-Ming

Translated by Howard Goldblatt

Masked Dolls

An Australian woman, burdened by the original sin of her Caucasian ancestors, and a Taiwanese woman, haunted by the memories of 100 years of conflict in her homeland, meet as backpackers while travelling in South Korea. As they live and travel together, two women in flight, one from the East and the other from the West, struggle to find a way out of their personal dilemmas. (Published on 28 February 2016)

Shih Chiung-Yu on her new book Masked Dolls: an event @ SOAS London, 28 April 2016

Masked Dolls – An Audience with Shih Chiung-Yu @ Leeds University, 5th May 2016

“Masked Dolls is one of those rare books which after reading reveals itself to be greater than the sum of its parts. Brutal, intense, fascinating.” – The Writes of Woman

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