Blog posts about books, excerpts from Balestier Press.

The Tree Fort

  (Excepts from Chapter 6 of The Tree Fort On Carnation Lane, by Horace Ho, translated by Darryl Sterk) The tree fort was Ilya’s idea. If I’m not remembering wrong, we built the fort the [...]

Listening to Fukushima

by Yuki Masami (Professor of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies, Kanazawa University, Japan) How often do adults listen to children? Almost always adults tell children to listen to them, not [...]

Preface – Crystal Wedding

(Winner of English Pen Translates Award) Preface by Xu Xiaobin (translated by Nicky Harman and Natascha Bruce) This is, at once, both an ordinary and an extraordinary kind of book. I call it an [...]

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