As Flowers Bloom and Wither

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by Ying-Tai Chang


As Flowers Bloom and Wither tells a bold and stirring story with great sensitivity. The protagonist, whose true identity was enshrouded in an enormous plot, must brave the thorns of history in order to unravel the threads of this enigma. Will the twists and turns of fate obscure the ultimate truth? How many more “truths” are there behind the so-called “truth”? Can the final answer be reached, despite the torrents of political conflict? While a work of fiction, this novel is also a reflection of reality: in a time of turmoil, individuals lose their ability to make personal choices, their identity becomes muddled, and their feelings of love and hatred become more pronounced as well. This is not just the story of one person, but also the tragic tale of a people. Once the ultimate answer is revealed, love and compassion flourished once again, just like a rose that endured through a bitter winter.


Translated from the Chinese by Florence Woo

ISBN: 978-1-911221-04-3

Publication date: 30 March 2017

Format: Paperback (Demy octavo) 216mm x 138mm

Pages: 433 pp


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