The Bear Whispers to Me

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by Chang Ying-Tai


Selected by BookTrust for the “Books we like: June 2015” (age 12+).

A reclusive young boy stumbles upon his father’s diary. Filled with drawings, photos and anecdotes, the diary reveals an alpine world that his father once inhabited as a child: where tribes were fashioned by tree spirits; animals could be spoken to; fleas danced; and the moon and stars were guiding lights in darkling forests. His father’s world was alive with birdsong and hidden spirits, serene yet fleeting—but it all changed when he befriended two bears.

Bewitching and timeless, award-winning Taiwanese author Chang Ying-Tai’s The Bear Whispers to Me is a poignant forest fable about the vivid beauty of the natural world, childhood, loss and the transient nature of time.

Translated from the Chinese by Darryl Sterk

ISBN:  978-0-9932154-0-7
ebook available (Kindle, Nook)
Publication date: 15 May 2015
Format: Paperback (B-format) 203mm x 133mm
Pages: 184 pp


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Cover illustration by Tom Clohosy Cole