Mr Horton’s Violin

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written by  Wenhua Wang

illustrated by  Amann Wang


Winner of the 2013 Taiwan Golden Tripod Award

`Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated and once again a real wow from this talented team and brought to us by Balestier.' —ReadItDaddy

Mr Horton has fashioned a violin out of a magic tree. But just who is worthy of playing it? The Prince won’t do, and neither will the famous conductor Mr Octave, nor the richest man in town. When Sireli’s gang of thirty-three thieves learn of the news, they decide to kidnap Mr Horton and steal the violin…

Mr Horton's Violin brings together two award-winning storytellers, writer Wenhua Wang and illustrator Amann Wang, through their mutual love of music.
Translated from the Chinese (Taiwan) by  Yu Yan Chen
Ages:   3+
ISBN:  978-0-9932154-5-2
Format: Paperback 229 x 152 mm
Pages: 70 pp Colour
Publication Date:  15 December 2015