Liu Hsukung in Singapore

Liu Hsukung, author-illustrator of The Only Pupil in the School, was in Singapore in March as part of Words Go Round, an outreach programme of the Singapore Writers Festival for schools and the community.

Hsukung’s fantastic miniature matchbox book “The Matchstick Sister”

Hsukung’s fantastic miniature matchbox book “The Matchstick Sister”

March 5 proved to be a very busy day for Hsukung: In the morning, he went to Xinmin Secondary School to conduct a workshop on crafting stories and making simple picture books.


In the afternoon, he gave a lively storytelling session at the Grassroots Book Room and it was heartening to see such an overwhelming response! (The story he told was 好想吃榴梿:好奇心的美妙滋味 [I Want to Eat Durians: A Deliciously Curious Tale])


These images have been republished with kind permission from the team behind Words Go Round and the Singapore Writers Festival. They were first posted on the Singapore Writers Festival’s Tumblr account

Featured Image Credit: © 草根書室 (Grassroots Book Room) 

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