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For academic monographs, journals, or open educational resources (OER), please send the proposals to

Translated Literature

Balestier Press welcome submissions of translated literature. For proposals of literary translation works, please send a synopsis, a sample translation with information about the author and the translator to for consideration.

For submission of book proposals for Balestier Press (except for Academic or Translated Literature titles), please follow the guidelines of our  submission/review platform below:

Balestier Press submission platform

Do you have a complete manuscript ready to be published?

Balestier Press aims to support diversity in publishing and all the authors with strong voice and unique ideas. We are searching for authors who are not afraid to go under the surface and create distinctive works which stimulate readers curiosity, empathy and imagination and question stereotypes. We believe a book is a bridge connecting different people and cultures and we would like to help you to build that bridge and let your voice be heard.

Biblio Balestier serves as a submission/review “platform” for Balestier Press. With the platform, we aim to publish more distinctive works that may not initially have the market support for publication. With a collaboration between authors and publishers on the finance (personal funds, institutional grants, or crowdsourcing) and on editorial process, we create a high-quality publication to get the work visible with good reviews/publicity. Moreover, you, the author, get high royalties of 50% from the net income for all the formats including paperback and e-book and retain all the rights of your book. And when there is possibility, you are flexible to license or transfer the publication rights to other publishers anytime.


Types of manuscripts we accept:

  1. Fiction fitting the range of Balestier Press´s titles
  2. Children´s books, picture books and graphic novels
  3. Non-fiction
  4. Travelogues (from Asia and Africa)
  5. Poetry and short stories
  6. Literary studies, anthology
  7. Social sciences (especially on Asian and African Studies)
  8. Popular science

How to submit?

There are two ways of submitting your manuscript:

  • Fill in the online form here.
  • Send us an email on the address including your manuscript (or part of the manuscript), synopsis (up to 250 words) and a covering letter including your full name, address, phone number, email, and a brief bio.

NOTE: Your manuscript must be written in English. For formatting, please use Microsoft Word (12pt, Times New Roman) or equivalent.

What will happen next?

  • We will read and evaluate your manuscript.
  • We will contact you and inform you whether your manuscript fulfils the requirements of Balestier Press. This stage can take up to six weeks so please be patient. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us with your inquiry any time!
  • If your manuscript fulfils Balestier Press requirements, we will discuss further editing and proofreading. Please be aware that editing process is mandatory as we aim to publish high quality titles which meets our professional publishing standards. For editing/proofreading services you can either work with one of our editors or you can find an editor on your own.
  • We will quote you the final cost and explain all the steps which need to be taken before the book will be published so you have a complete understanding of the whole publishing process.
  • We will send you a publishing contract to sign. Remember that the copyright remains to the author.
  • We will create a timeline of working on your manuscript and discuss what ideas you have about the cover. We want you to be part of making the book all the time, therefore, we will keep you informed about all the steps during the whole process.
  • After the book is ready, we will send it to you for last approval.
  • If you are happy with the result. The book can go into the print!

Our team of professionals will help you to make your book up to your expectations. Be sure to let us know if you are dissatisfied with anything. The whole process of creating your book is about communication and we want to make sure you are happy with the result!

Finance your book 

The basic Book Publication Charge (BPC)  is £1600 (excluding copy-editing and proofreading). Once your work is accepted, we will discuss various options of financing the book (in terms of personal funds, institutional grants, or crowdfunding).

What is included in the BPC?

  • Interior layout for paperback and e-book
  • Cover design for paperback and e-book
  • E-book conversion
  • Web page and social media marketing
  • Printing and shipping of the Advance Review Copies (ARC)
  • 10 printed copies for the author
  • ISBN assignment
  • Worldwide distribution including Amazon UK and Amazon US
  • Supplying compulsory copies for the libraries (British Library, National Library of Scotland, Trinity College Dublin, The National Library of Wales, The Library in Oxford)


These costs apply for fiction and non-fiction with black and white text, if you would like to publish a picture book, graphic novel, or a book with lots of photos, the cost may differ as your book has different needs than fiction. However, we will always make sure, you know the final cost before signing the contract.

We aim to provide the author with maximum flexibility, therefore, if you don’t need our interior layout or a cover design, you are free to find your own designer. In that case, the BPC will be reduced accordingly.

Biblio Balestier in Three Words

  • Communication

We will guide you and share our professional opinions but the ideas from the author are our highest priority. We want to hear all your visions and incorporate them into the project. A combination of your vision and our experience will lead to creating the best quality book.

  • Individual approach

We are not interested in producing unified books, we seek diversity. Therefore, we always bear in mind that each title is unique and has different needs. Whether you publish fiction, non-fiction, picture book, or academic title, we will make sure you are satisfied with the final work. We will also ensure that your book will get exactly what it needs and that you are not paying for anything your title doesn’t require.

  • Flexibility

We have created a package for you which includes everything your title needs in order to get published and sold (cover design, interior layout, marketing, ISBN, etc.). However, if you decided you want to seek professionals outside Balestier Press to provide you with the design of your book, that’s no problem at all. Moreover, you retain total control over the rights of your book and can transfer the publication to other publishers anytime.


Why publish with us?

  • Already for five years we have been publishing hidden gems of world literature (focused on Asian authors). You can also see an interesting collection of children’s and picture books in our portfolio. We know how to make a professional book and we want to hear your story and help you to share it.
  • You get high royalties of 50% from the net income for all formats including paperback and e-book.
  • You retain total control over the rights and all intellectual property of your book.
  • You can decide the list price of your book.
  • Publishing under Balestier Press will give you a validation of quality.
  • We include marketing of your book in our package. We will promote your book on our web page and social media platforms. We will help you with your publicity plan and search for reviewers for your book. We will also print and send ARC’s to the reviewers. To sum it up, we will try our best that your title gets the attention of the readers which it deserves.
  • The book will be published in both paperback and ebook which will ensure that the book will get to all the important platforms and will reach as many potential readers as possible.

Do you have any questions?

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We are looking forward to reading your manuscripts!

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